About us

How did we get here?

If you’re a mom, think back on when you first had your baby. Think of the support and the community that you had.

Now put yourself into a different scenario.  You just found out you’re pregnant, you were also recently discharged from foster care because you’re 18.   You’ve been in the system for as long as you can remember. You’d like to keep this baby,  it’s the first thing that’s really yours. You want to be a good parent but you have no means or way to achieve this. 

Maybe you’re too broken from past trauma to know where to start or have never had a good maternal role model…. 

Our founder, Melanie who is a mother of 5, had the concept pressed on her heart by God to work towards building this new community. 

In the middle of the night while frustrated with an awake baby who wouldn’t feed or go back to sleep she was thinking about how hard raising an infant was, and realizing how impossible this would be without her family and church supporting her. 

The idea of a transitional home for new moms who were struggling just like she was but without any help came to fruition

Since October 2021 we’ve been pursuing the opening of this home. The intention for Selah Place is derived from the Hebrew word, to pause and to praise. We believe that with God all things are possible, even the healing of broken people. So they’ll also be taught God’s saving grace and love. We’ll house women in an inner city home, where they’ll come pregnant or postnatally with their baby. They will work with a counselor on different struggles they’re dealing with all while being supported with 24-hour care to gain the skills necessary to run a home and raise their child. 

These women will live alongside other women going through similar struggles as them. They will also receive vocational training, and stay at Selah Place for up to a year with the goal of becoming a strong community member and able to support their own children. We know that surrounded by a strong Christian community full of meaningful relationships we can support and love these families. 

We’ve put together our board for Selah Place and are actively looking for property.

Let’s be very clear, this is God’s plan, put on our hearts. Selah is not about us and our accomplishments but being good stewards of the talents He has given us and a desire to serve one another in brotherly love. 

What we do...

Selah Place will train women to be good mothers and to care for their children independently.

New and expecting mothers will be provided with transitional housing where they will be given the opportunity to learn basic life skills, complete their education, attend prenatal and parenting classes, and ultimately be prepared to manage a home.

Selah Place will surround these women with a Christian community and assist them in building healthy relationships that last and to hear the gospel in our walk and through Christian counselling.


Meet the Board

Melanie Reimer


Melanie Reimer is one of the founding board members who sought to start the organization in October 2021. As a lifelong member of the Reformed Church, she feels she’s taken for granted the blessing that is, being born and raised in a loving Christian community that supports you in praise items as well as trials. Melanie is a mom of 5, and knows the struggles of raising small kids, the long nights and the difficulties that come with motherhood. Raising a child without a strong community and family to lean on is not something she feels she can relate to, and she can only imagine the hardships and loneliness these mothers face. 

Originally Melanie went to school and got a job as a Nurses Aide working at Seven Oaks Emergency before having kids which led her to see mental health and addictions face to face. This setting has taught her compassion in a way you cannot be taught with formal education. Shortly after she started her own photography business, which led her to start a nonprofit that offered Pediatric Palliative Care Photography, walking with families as they dealt with a huge loss and offering a service that might help them cope with this trial in a small way. 

Melanie has been blessed with drive and determination, coupled with a desire to serve the Lord has led her to learn new skills and connect with people who can come alongside and work with the rest of the Board and others to see the fruition of Selah, with the Lord’s blessing.


Michael Reimer


Michael Reimer has been on the board since its founding. He has been a lifelong member of Providence United Reformed Church in Winnipeg. 


He began working early on with one of the board’s founders and his wife, Melanie, helping to create the beginning stages of the design and plan of Selah Place. 


Knowing his responsibility as a Christian to serve the fatherless and widows and having seen this need first hand while working as a paramedic in the city of Winnipeg, Michael hopes to bring his experience from healthcare to the board. 


Michael brings board experience from his time volunteering on the Mission Thrift Store board as well as serving on the council in his church. His professional experience includes business development, startups, and funding as well as marketing.

Katherine Hallick MSW, RSW


​​Katherine Hallick is a member of the Providence Reformed Church and was invited by the founder to be on the Board in December 2021.  

Helping single mothers build a strong circle of care is an important issue to Kathy both personally and professionally.  She has worked as a social worker for over 40 years in the social service field and brings a wealth of practical social service and management experience to the board; particularly from the child welfare and disabilities fields. She currently manages her own training and counselling business and is in the process of getting her Biblical Counselling certification.  

The work of Selah Place holds a special place in Kathy’s heart.  As a former child of a single mother, she understands first-hand how programs like Selah Place Inc. help to ensure strong intact families. As a child welfare professional for over 35 years, Kathy has seen countless children come into care because their young mothers didn’t have the meaningful, long-term support, guidance, and teachings necessary to empower them to be effective mothers. Kathy brings a passion for accountable service, public awareness, and fundraising to our Board.  Her previous social work experience and working with other social service boards have been instrumental in helping Selah Place Inc. establish its organizational and service delivery foundations. Kathy is presently Secretary of the Board.


Dan Wittebolle CPA, CA, CGA


Information to come.

Tabitha Ewert

Tabitha Ewert joined the board of Selah Place in April of 2022. She is a lawyer working with ARPA Canada with a passion for pursuing truth, justice, and peace in Canada. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Art in Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary and is a member of Christ Covenant Church in Langley, BC.

Bethani Dueck

Bethani Dueck has been on the board since February 2022. She was born and raised in Providence United Reformed Church, and continues to hold membership there. 


To truly be pro-life, Bethani strongly and passionately believes she must advocate for those who cannot defend themselves. To do so, she believes that she must be prepared to provide the means to which a life may be protected. Selah Place does just that; providing the means necessary for a woman to believe that she not only has the option to keep her baby, but also receive education and be equipped to take care of herself and her family long-term.


Bethani graduated from Providence University College with a BA in Social Sciences, concentrating her studies on the development of children into adulthood, and how individuals function collectively in society. Bethani hopes that the combination of her education and passion for this organization may channel an attitude of understanding and compassion for the mothers that come to Selah Place.

Chantel Janssens

Chantel Janssens has been a board member since Selah’s founding in October 2021.


Raised and currently an active member of the Reformed church, Chantel has seen a need for a stronger connection between our most vulnerable populations and the Christian community. She has experienced God’s hand guiding her through many hardships and trials, and believes that accountability, fellowship and bearing one another’s burdens through a Christian community makes all the difference in times of need. Chantel desires to help provide that loving environment for these vulnerable women. 


With experience as a Health Care Aide, and various volunteer work with children, disabled, and homeless, Chantel hopes to be a compassionate and understanding advocate for these women and their babies. Through God’s strength and provision she hopes to continue to learn where the greatest needs are and meet them, alongside her fellow board members, for His Glory.

Matthew Hallick

Matthew Hallick is among the founding board members for Selah Place.

Matthew is the owner of SDG Media, a podcast host with The Great Exchange (www.thegreatexchange.ca) and the Liberty Coalition Canada (www.libertycoalitioncanada.com), and he is currently on staff with the pro-life group Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).

Matthew also is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity at Whitefield College and Seminary as well as his Biblical Counseling certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Matthew and his lovely wife, Morrissa (m. January 4, 2020), are currently members of Providence Reformed Church of Winnipeg where they worship and serve.

When not busy with work and worship, Matthew can be found playing drums, reading a book, or watching or playing some sort of sport.

Josh_s Photo

Josh DeVries

Josh DeVries joined the board of directors in February of 2022. 

Growing up surrounded by a loving Christian family at church, school, and in the home, Josh has been incredibly blessed. As a result of this upbringing, Josh has often found himself searching for ways in which to serve the church and the community, bringing a Christian perspective to all areas of life.

In the past, Josh has served as the President of Immanuel Christian School’s ARPA Club, where he was granted the opportunity to take on a leadership role advocating for the pre-born regarding Pro-Life matters in Canada. 

This past April, Josh graduated from Red River College with a Marketing Major in Business Administration. Josh hopes to use this education to further build his career in marketing and business development, as well as his continued efforts to serve the Lord through involvement with the community and organizations such as Selah Place.

Josh is both excited and optimistic for the future of Selah Place, looking forward to witnessing what it may accomplish with the Lord’s blessing and guiding hand.